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My name is Jane Nicholson and I believe in making an impact with food through celebrating and embracing cultural diversity in cuisine. I am the creator, writer and photographer of Food Kids Love which provides helpful tips and inspiration for simple kid-friendly meals, snack and lunches.

5 Things I Never Pictured Myself Doing, Until I Became a Mom

1. Spending a significant amount of my time doing Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles for toddlers. Whether for play or clean up purposes. Nevertheless, spending way too much time putting them back together again. 2. Eating half eaten, half chewed, practically regurgitated food like it’s nothing. 3. Sitting in a bathroom singing pee and poopie

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A Heart-y Pasta

I think that I have the only toddler on the planet who doesn’t like pasta. We’ve tried different sauces, (maybe it’s our cooking) we’ve tried different restaurants, a plain marinara, a more complicated bolognese, it doesn’t matter.  She just shakes her head and says, “I don’t like it.” Plain and simple. But I’m not giving

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My Bossy Baby

I saw this list from Hollow Tree Ventures  today and I couldn’t help but think: we have the same toddler. And then when I read her hilarious post, I thought, we really have the same toddler. And it’s almost serendipitous, that this came my way today, because I was this close (fingers 1mm apart) to having

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