5 Healthy Valentines Snacks

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I have 5 healthy Valentines Snacks to share with you today in case you are in a rut for your Valentines day party or get together!

First, we have my most popular post on Instagram, Strawberry hearts on lollipop sticks!

healthy valentines snacks

Next, Valentines day themed fruit salad. 

Healthy Valentine Snacks - Fruit Salad

A Valentine themed lunchbox for kids!

Healthy Valentine Snacks - Valentine lunchbox

Heart shaped blueberry muffins!

Healthy Valentine Snacks - blueberry muffins

And last but not least, wafer thin crackers with cream cheese and heart shaped strawberries. And cucumbers thinly sliced with a mandolin with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning.

Healthy Valentine Snacks

For more ideas, make sure to check out our heart shaped egg muffins! And Heart shaped oatmeal parfait cups too!

Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s!


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