Homemade seed crackers using only 6 ingredients.

Homemade Seed Crackers using only 6 ingredients

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Crackers will always be on my top 10 favorite foods list. I like eating crackers with cheese, crackers with jam, crackers plain, nothing on it – you get the picture. So when I first made cheddar crackers a couple weeks ago, I thought why stop there? I found this amazing seed cracker recipe and needed to share it with you guys. It is so so good. And super easy to make. It literally only has 6 ingredients.

Homemade seed crackers using only 6 ingredients.

Here are the ingredients:

Sunflower seeds. Sesame seeds. Chia seeds. Pepitas. Garlic. And salt. Also you will need water. That’s it!

I decided last minute to add some cut up dried cranberries to try and entice my little one. But it really doesn’t need it. They taste good both ways. I also next time will probably add some flax and different seasonings.

Homemade seed crackers using only 6 ingredients.

The consistency is like a crispy seedy cracker. It’s definitely got that savory factor with the added garlic. The trick is to spread it out thin, not too thin, but I made these ones a little too thick for my liking. But they still tasted amazing! Instead of grabbing a handful of crackers when I’m hungry, I can grab one of these and know I’m getting some good nutrients. They’re also great for kids for an after school snack!

Recipe adapted by: Oh She Glows


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Homemade seed crackers using only 6 ingredients.

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