Fall Pumpkin Banana Bread

Simple Fall Pumpkin Banana Bread

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I feel like everyone has their go-to banana bread recipe. For me, it’s the kind that reminds me of my childhood. Banana bread, has to taste just like how I remember it at my friends house after school. Or at my school bake sale where I’d eagerly hand over my 50 cents after careful choosing. I also like my banana bread pretty simple. And that’s kind of what I did with this. I took my go-to banana bread recipe and added in some pumpkin and cinnamon and got this. Simple, fall pumpkin banana bread.

Fall Pumpkin Banana Bread

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The pumpkin taste is very subtle. But just enough to excite your taste buds. I used this organic pumpkin from Whole Foods.

I also always add walnuts because pumpkin banana bread is not pumpkin banana bread without walnuts. Unless you’re allergic. Then do chocolate chips instead.

I found the pumpkin made the bread super moist and delicious. I used a mix of whole wheat flour and white flour to make it healthier and cut the sugar so it’s not too sweet. And now that the weather is finally cooling down, this bread was the perfect thing to make.

Fall Pumpkin Banana Bread

My husband likes to eat it warm with a little butter spread on top. My daughter likes it in her lunchbox as a little lunchtime treat. I like it with my cup of coffee in the morning, just as it is. So yummy.

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How many times can I say pumpkin in this post, right?!

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