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Arts and Crafts Organization Carts -
Easy and effective Kids Arts and Crafts Organization Ideas

Arts and Crafts Organization Carts

This past summer, I made sure to have a variety of cool, colorful and fun art supplies to carry us through the break. A lot of the stuff I found on sale and hoarded it into my closet until vacay started. Similar to my previous Halloween Haul, I wanted to find a good way to keep all the craft supplies organized, but more importantly — easily accessible.

Truth is, I was going to be at home with my 6 year old daughter all day, all night for the entire summer. And I wanted to A) minimize whining about being bored/wanting to watch TV and B) make sure she could reach and see all her art supplies without making a complete mess or asking me to do it. (Because I’m pretty sure when she’s about to ask,  I just sat down for the first time all day.)

Easy and effective Kids Arts and Crafts Organization Ideas

SO, I grabbed all my empty jars, (mason and jam jars) and started organizing.


Pencil crayons in one jar. Crayons in another. Markers etc. Oh and SCISSORS all in one place. Because why and how do scissors always go missing when you need it the most?!

Easy and effective Kids Arts and Crafts Organization Ideas

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I used the IKEA RASKOG utility cart to hold it all together. If you can’t make it to an IKEA or don’t have one near you, here’s a similar one you can order.

Easy and effective Kids Arts and Crafts Organization Ideas

I filled all our supplies into each tier. Play dough, paint, string and beads… On the bottom I put pads of paper and coloring books. Also brand new boxes of markers and paint. Pretty much everything had its own little space, where it could be clearly seen, found and accessed.

Easy and effective Kids Arts and Crafts Organization Ideas

I hate that these two carts aren’t matching in color, but that’s besides the point. My daughter had a super creative craft-filled summer because all of this was within her arm’s reach whenever, and however she wanted. And the wheels made it easy for the supplies to follow her wherever she needed to go.

All in all, this simple organizing that took very little time and energy to do, made my life so much easier this summer in the long run. Win win for both my daughter and I.

If you –  like I, don’t have the luxury of creating a Pinterest-y room dedicated just for arts and crafts, (cuz who does?!) do this. It’s all you need. Out in the open. ORGANIZED. And totally effective.

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