Jack-o-Lantern Ice pops

Halloween Peach Mango Nectar Jack O’ Lantern Ice Pops

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When I was in the hospital last summer, where I underwent unexpected emergency brain surgery, I spent my days recovering ordering only pudding and popsicles from the hospital menu. Little did I know that everything that I was ordering was being tracked and recorded, which then led to a frantic nutritionist coming down to pay me a visit.

I laughed out loud.

My mother was actually making me gourmet meals so I was eating just fine. Pudding and popsicles were what kept me going. And in that instant, even when I had no idea if I was going to live or die, I still had these kind of moments.

What I call – the pudding and popsicle moments.

And for this Halloween, in ode to that time, I made these!

Jack-O-Lantern Ice pops

Jack O’ Lantern ice pops.

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I used frozen organic peaches, water and organic mango nectar. Organic apple slices for the eyes and mouth.

To make them, I used the Zoku ice pop maker. One of the best gifts I have ever received. I highly recommend. And fear not, you can buy it here.

It also came with a cute little character making kit.

Just thinly slice an apple or a pear and cut out shapes like so. Then follow the directions they give you by soaking the apple cut outs in water and then placing them on to the green silicone stick. Slowly insert stick into the popsicle mold machine and press to the top and hold for 15 seconds. Once that’s done place the sticks in the molds and pour in the fruit puree. It takes about 10 minutes to freeze and then you just pop them out.

Els snacked on these afterwards. Waste not, want not!

I even tried making Ghost pops with Greek yogurt, honey and chocolate.

Jack-O-Lantern Ice pops

And here’s Els.

Jack-O-Lantern Ice pops

And Bear sneaking a lick or two.

Jack-O-Lantern Ice pops

So delicious, healthy, refreshing and fun.


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