Sensory Rainbow Spaghetti Safari Play

It’s sensory week every week in our house. The messier the better – I think(?) Ah, who am I kidding, I love to clean. It’s a sickness. Check out our colorful rainbow sensory spaghetti safari.

Spaghetti Sensory

I’ve always remembered blindfolded, slimy at your fingertips spaghetti on Halloween when I was growing up. So who would have thought playing with spaghetti could be so opposite of that? Check out The Imagination Tree…┬áSo colorful and fun.

Spaghetti Sensory

Even I couldn’t help but get my hands in there. It was cold, gooey, soothing squishiness.

Spaghetti Sensory

And Els and her friend loved every minute of it. The animals all got buried inside and of course the scissors came out. (We can’t go a day without the scissors coming out).

Spaghetti Sensory

The directions are simple. Just boil a pack of spaghetti. Drain and rinse. Add a couple tablespoons of oil. And then separate a handful in separate containers and squeeze some food coloring in each and mix with hand. Els actually did all the mixing herself, and she giggled and laughed the whole way through.

*You will need a big bowl or sensory bins to contain everything. Here are my favorite sensory bins I have purchased so far. They are height adjustable, you can choose to put in on the floor and it comes with lids too.

Playdate success! Just another day in the rainbow, wormy safari…

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