10 Things That Make You Go ‘*%$#@*!’ When You’re a Mom

1. When you’re 20 minutes into driving alone and realize you’ve been listening to your two year old’s music the whole time. And singing along.
2. When you’re on the freeway and you realize you packed the snacks in the trunk.
3. When you reach into the diaper bag and realize you forgot the wipes. And the diapers. And whatever else it is your toddler is crying for.
4. When you’re about to breastfeed in public and realize you wore a dress. With no buttons.
5. When you decide to take a long walk with the stroller and you forget to check the rain forecast.
6. When you mention stimulating trigger words near bedtime. IE) Ice cream. Legoland. Feeding tiny soft cuddly bunnies.
7. When you finally put your baby to nap. And you sit down, open up your computer, about to take a bite of your lunch, you hear: mommy!
8. When you know you should take away those permanent markers but are too lazy and the next thing you know your couch is ruined.
9. (for my husband) When your baby decides to sleep in one day after being your never-failing alarm clock for the past two years and you’re late for work.


10. When you watch them chew a spoonful of protein-veggie goodness in their mouth and as soon as you think they’re about to swallow, they spit it out.

Anything else? Please feel free to add!

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Mom Humor: 10 things that make you go '*&%$#@!'

11 thoughts on “10 Things That Make You Go ‘*%$#@*!’ When You’re a Mom”

  1. I’d need to modify #7 just a bit. After working for half an hour to get your two year old to sleep, he’s finally out. You lay down to “sleep when they sleep,” and just as you doze off, your one month old decides to wake up (and insists on being held) for the remainder of 2 year old’d nap. :/
    You are so sweet to stop at just 10.

  2. you are so restrained stopping at 10 – pretty sure i could stretch that post to 100. love the trigger words at bed time – we had that last night *facepalm*. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Parenting Party – I’m pinning to the pinterest board (when I get home – being naughty and commenting at work tsk!)

      1. certainly ice cream, any mention of friends, swimming, last night it was because he found some pennies that had fallen out of Hublet’s pockets – so a trigger activity more than a word

        1. Ha! Friends for sure. And if we even mention the word swimming, she’s off the bed, face-planted on the floor flailing her arms back and forth shouting, ‘swum swum swum! i’m swumming!’

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