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10 Mistakes and Lessons Learnt As a First Time Mom -

10 Mistakes and Lessons Learnt As a First Time Mom

10 Mistakes and Lessons Learnt as a First Time Mom.

A mental list to myself, from myself for the next time, if, BIG if, there is a next time…

1. When they say breastfeed every two hours, that doesn’t mean forever.
Ok… So I didn’t do it forever, but I was pretty much waking my baby every two hours ┬álong after it was okay not to… I TOTALLY missed that memo.

2. Buy a good car seat. For every reason.
My husband and I suffered from major baby-sleeping-in-car-seat envy. Because of course, our baby, hated hers. We were lucky if she lasted five minutes before she cried bloody – everything. And once we switched to a different one, (much later, i may unfortunately add) our lives were forever and ever and ever changed.

3. Don’t hibernate for the first three months at home.
I took, ‘be careful of exposing your newborn to germs’ to a whole new level, by not going out at all. In retrospect, it probably would have been the best time to go and have a nice dinner with my husband, while our baby slept safe and sound in her little stroller bassinet. ( As you can see, I did not say car seat, because even in retrospect, that is wishful thinking).

4. Buy a stroller with a BIG under compartment basket.
Every time I saw my friends cruising along with their Uppa Baby Vista’s, I got a case of serious under compartment basket jealousy. I had a friend carry an entire high chair attachment under there. It made mine look pathetic in comparison. Not to mention, it somehow always had the appearance of looking like one-dress-size-too-small, if you know what I mean.

5. Don’t wait 6 months before introducing a bottle.
I was so afraid of that ‘nipple confusion’ thing, I decided to hold off on the bottle entirely. Big mistake. She had nipple confusion alright. Just not with mine. When I tried feeding her with the bottle for the first time, and the 10th, and the 50th time, she chucked that bottle so far and so hard we have permanent marks on our walls to remind us of that total parenting fail.

6. Eat out. Eat slow. And enjoy eating. BEFORE having a baby.
Because frankly, I know those three things can not co-exist at the same time ever again.

7. (A.) Have a baby shower.
(B.) Have my registry made up only of restaurant take-out gift certificates.

8. Don’t listen to the blogs that say a diaper changing table is a waste of space/money.
My back certainly told me different.

9. Listen to the blogs that say a wipes warmer and a diaper pail is a complete waste of time and money.

And finally,

10. Try to wear something besides a nursing bra and hubby’s boxers for the first 3 months post-baby, so that when looking back at pictures there’s more than just me in a nursing bra and hubby’s boxer’s, post-baby.

Am I missing anything else?! Please feel free to add!

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7 thoughts on “10 Mistakes and Lessons Learnt As a First Time Mom”

  1. I’ve never even heard of a wipes warmer! Number 10 is one i should have read before having a baby. In fact all my preggy pictures are a bit like that too. Thansk for sharing this on Sunday Parenting Party, I’m pinning to our board and featuring this week.

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