Valentine Heart Shaped Vegetable Egg Muffin Frittata.

Valentine Breakfast: Heart-Shaped Egg Muffins

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Right now, I’m on a major health kick. Trying to shed the last of my baby weight. (I know, 2 years later, right?) And stay true to my new year’s resolutions, which is to eat clean, eat right and eat proper portions. So far, I’m doing great. I forgot how good it felt to eat healthy. And the better I eat, the less I crave. The less I crave, the better I eat! But let’s face it. Being a busy mom, to an even busier toddler, makes eating, let alone eating healthy, challenging. But take a look at these! Our Valentine’s morning breakfast: Heart Shaped, Healthy, Egg Muffins.

Valentine Heart Shaped Egg Frittatas.

These egg frittatas or as Els likes to call them, egg muffins, are so easy to make. They’re also healthy and a great source of essential morning nutrients. Not to mention, perfect as a grab and go breakfast for you and your toddler.

Valentine Heart Shaped Egg Muffins.


Again, these are so easy.

Easy Heart shaped Egg Muffins.

And cute!

Valentine Heart Shaped Egg Muffins.

And of course, delicious.

Valentine Heart Shaped Egg Muffins.

Finally, don’t forget to  top it off with a healthy smoothie for yourself and your little tot.

Smoothie Ingredients: Banana, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen mango, water and a touch of unsweetened almond milk until desired thickness, and SPINACH. (they will never know…) Put in as much as desired. I put a little bit of each. And blend!

Valentine Heart Shaped Egg Muffins.

Els and I will be munching on these all day! Because they taste just as good cold. And even better when you eat them with your hands. Overall, we are having a great Valentine’s Day!

Meanwhile, for other heart shaped muffin ideas, check out my most popular toddler muffin recipe, and no sugar added strawberry oatmeal muffins too!

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Optional: Heart shaped silicone muffin mold

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