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My Bossy Baby -

My Bossy Baby

Hollow Tree Ventures
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I saw this list from Hollow Tree Ventures  today and I couldn’t help but think: we have the same toddler. And then when I read her hilarious post, I thought, we really have the same toddler. And it’s almost serendipitous, that this came my way today, because I was this close (fingers 1mm apart) to having my baby’s head examined. Like seriously, ‘why are you so bossy?’

My toddler’s demands for the day:

Mommy —
Take your hat off.
Take your sunglasses off.
Get me new pants. Not those ones. These ones.
Read it to me.
Tell it to me.
I want a snack.
Sing mommy.
Don’t sing.
Come play with me.
Not that one. This one. Not like that. Mine.
This is yours. (It’s either the smallest one, least tastiest, a color she doesn’t care for, something she has no interest in, a crumb.)
Carry me.
I want naan. (Her word for boob)
Naani. Naani naan. Naan!

(coloring with her) Not like that. Not this color. Like this.
(playing Duplo with her) Let me do it. Not this piece. Make it for me.
(playing Cloud dough with her) Don’t flatten it. Don’t break it. Don’t touch this one.
(telling her a story) Not a pink house. A polka-dotted house! No, not up the mountain. Up the  volcano!

And to top the day off, I am not allowed to like zebras because that’s her thing. Same goes for elephants and the character Loopy, from her favorite book. But I am allowed to like camels. And the green sidekick dog, that no one would probably want to be if they were able to choose.

Anyone else have demanding, bossy toddlers?

Ella humor.

Let’s compare.

4 thoughts on “My Bossy Baby”

  1. HA! Only letting me like stuff she doesn’t like? Check. Giving me the crumbs? Yes. Demanding certain pants and then changing her mind? She’s asking for new pants right now! We DO have the same baby! Except my boobs are “bees.” 😉

    Thanks for sharing – I’m so glad you liked my post!

    1. Your post made me laugh out loud at the similarities. Our little ‘CEO’S’ in training… Thanks for stopping by also! Looking forward to reading more of your hilarious ventures…

  2. My parents told me that I was super bossy when I was younger which is ironic because I was also really shy. I told my parents where to sit, when to talk, what to do. I definitely grew out of it by the time I was 5 or 6.

    1. Interesting! Ella is actually very shy in public too. She also tells me where to sit, what to eat and when to eat it! Glad to hear you grew out of that one!

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