Top 5 Things I Didn’t Expect Being a Mom

1. How unbelievably complicated sleep can be.

Not just the ability to sleep, or the lack thereof. But the constant, CONSTANT working and re-working of sleep and all its gazillion counterparts. No matter how well-read, well- versed, well prepared I thought I could be on this subject – I wasn’t. And I’m still not. Sleep for a baby/toddler is a freaking mystery. A very mean mean mystery.

2. How unbelievably complicated eating can be.

I love food. I’ve always loved food. Not loving food has never crossed my mind. Until now. Because now, I have to take a moment and think at least 3-5 times a day, WHY my toddler does not like food. What it is she doesn’t like. How she liked it yesterday and not today. At what consistency. What specific taste. Which food region. At what temperature. In which seating position. Setting. Spice addition/omission. Display: artistic. Non artistic! And my results are always the same. INCONCLUSIVE. There are too many variables and not enough consistency to solve anything, let alone form a decent hypotheses.

3. How unbelievably complicated breastfeeding can be.

Not just from the beginning, but to the very end. And how ironically, NOT breastfeeding is the most complicated part about breastfeeding. Weaning. Breastfeeding on demand, but trying to find a balance. Scheduling/planning your entire life around your baby and your breast. (Don’t get me wrong on this one, I love bf-ing, am still bf-ing and am 100 percent pro bf-ing. Just saying, it’s more complicated that bada bing bada boom, put the baby on the boob and tada! A cinch! Which I originally thought).

4. How unbelievably complicated sharing can be.

I’ve never even thought about sharing in any other way than how I think about having to go to the bathroom, or drink a glass of water. It’s just second nature. And so when I see my toddler acting like an over-protective Pterodactyl, hoarding and gripping her belongings to her chest, unblinking, standing her ground, not letting go no matter the outcome/circumstance/repercussion, screaming, crying, then other kids crying, I think — WOW. Sharing is a very complex subject matter. And I guess if you think primally, why wouldn’t it be?

And lastly,

5. That I would have to accept the fact that there will ALWAYS be sand in my UGGS.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Didn’t Expect Being a Mom”

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  2. Sharing is a constant battle in our house. It’s kind of like the sleep thing. I think I have figured out a way to work it out, and then it rears it’s ugly head again. GAH! Kids certainly keep us on our toes. I am not sure if that makes us age faster or become smarter.

  3. oh that makes me laugh. The sleep thing is such a pain. The number of times when Goblin was tiny that I had a fb status saying “he’s sleeping through the night, i think we’ve nailed it” and two weeks later he’d have a growth spurt and he’d be back to waking 5 times a night. And now he wakes with flipping nightmares – aaagh!
    I’m doing a post on sharing next sunday on the Sunday Parenting Party because it does my head in too.
    Pinning to SPP board.

    1. I wish I could say the same thing. About updating FB status to sleeping through the night, that is. Who knew sleep could be THIS complicated?!

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